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How Much Alcohol Is Safe?

Alcohol brings dopamine to the brain. We feel motivated. The dosage becomes more and moreover a period of time to produce the same effect. It also suppresses the neurons of our brain. It reduces our power of projection, execution & calculation. Thus it reduces the cognitive power of the brain & creativity. Alcohol, if used at all, should be used in moderation. It should never be used as a way out to motivation & stress relief. We should try to promote the good & healthy ways of dopamine in our brain.

How much alcohol is safe ?

Alcohol, when consumed in a moderate dose, has proven health benefits. The average amount recommends one drink for women and up to two drinks for men. The following examples better define the meaning of one drink:

Consumption of alcohol in the recommended doses has been proven to be safe & reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases, reduce risks of ischemic stroke, and the risk of developing diabetes.

The safety solution:
Alcohol has a short half-life of 2 hours. This means the body requires 2 hours to metabolize the consumed alcohol. Therefore, drinking alcohol right before bedtime interferes with a peaceful sleep that inhibits GH’s action. Consumption of alcohol is recommended 2 hours before sleep. Spirits of any type must be consumed along with 250 ml of water. Drinking water with alcohol slows down the absorption rate, facilitating improved metabolism of the alcohol in the body.

Healthy Ways of Motivation & Dopamine