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Dr Biprajit Parbat
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Dr Biprajit Parbat's First Book
Dr Biprajit Parbat

Dr. Biprajit Parbat , MBBS (Calcutta University), Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology (Max Hospital, New Delhi. Member Indian Association of Clinical Cardiology. Member Indian Academy of Echocardiography. 

15+ years experience in the field of preventive Cardiology & Diabetiology.

Dr Biprajit Parbat's Second Book

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” To empower everyone on earth with the scientific knowledge & tools to live their life in a state of complete physical & mental wellbeing and find out their best motivated, productive & creative self &  prevent OBESITY, DIABETES & HEART ATTACKs.”

Our civilization progressed more rapidly in the last 50 years than the last 250 million years of human history. The progress is changing our lives rapidly than ever. We have lit our nights with bright lights, information is pouring like rain in our lives, choice & processing of food are of infinite varieties, we move very less at work & so on.

We, humans, we’re so busy building new things that we did not notice how much our habitat & habits, both have changed significantly in the last few decades. We can easily do things that are unnatural to our human evolution. And these changes are not under our control. It is a reality. We need to change our habits to match our modern civilization naturally.

I am asking you to learn about your body’s needs in simple words. I believe with little effort you can arrange your modern-day life in a way that fits with your million years old evolution.

In this journey of knowledge & realization, I found out the four pillars of our good health “FOOD”, “EXERCISE”, “SLEEP” & “STRESS management”.

I never learned anything like this in my medical school, nor did I know the importance of these in overall “wellbeing”.

These are the pillars that hold the vessel of a “GOOD LIFE”. And no matter what goals we want to achieve in our life, we should have “the four pillars of GOOD LIFE GOALS” to begin with.                                                               

   Core Ideas:

  1. Let’s build a health community with superior health consciousness.
  2. Become the health ambassador for yourself, for your family & your community.
  3. Healthier living from body & mind is the need of the hour to prevent diseases in the future.
  4. Let’s gift our children the consciousness of healthy living.
  5. We need a healthy body & healthy mind, more than any medicine, any vaccine, or any insurance plan.
  6. The bigger the health consciousness the lesser the probability of diseases.
  7. Let’s fit our modern lifestyle with our million years old evolution for our health benefits.
  8. Let’s make our community far healthier from body & mind to accelerate our productivity. Let’s prevent losses from diseases & disabilities. These are a great burden for our family, for our community & our nation. Let’s take the mission to spread the health consciousness based on scientific facts to everyone on Earth.
  9. Let’s bring scientific knowledge for the benefits of humanity to lead a healthier life by preventing diseases. Use scientific tools & techniques, to customize & incorporate those healthier habits into your modern life. You will be able to prevent the diseases & its complications way before its probability arise.

I believe scientific knowledge should be used for the benefits of humanity to lead a healthier life by preventing diseases. I deliver you step by step guidance along with tools & techniques, so that you can customize & incorporate those healthier habits into your life. You will be able to prevent the disease & its complications way before its probability arise.

I do also bring health experts on my platform talking about how to prevent the diseases & lead healthier life. I do not bring any specific treatment advice to you. You will need a physician if you are diseased to meet physically. I bring life-style related advice which a busy doctor cannot provide individually to each patient sitting inside his chamber.

All these information will be delivered to you in a most simplistic way.

Disease is a burden to a person, to a family, to the society & to the country. It destroys careers, families & wealth. I believe in application of modern science to promote healthier life style. Prevention of the diseases is lot easier & crucial than treating the diseases & its complications.

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Dr. Biprajit Parbat