Addictions the bad way of dopamine

Dopamine is an important chemical in our brain. It comes out as we feel motivated. It’s the chemical of motivation. There are ways to bring dopamine into our brain. There are good ways, which has a good health outcome and is sustainable, but there are bad ways also.
Which are not good for our health neither our physical nor our mental health.

So let’s discuss 5 bad Health outcome factors of dopamine-

1. Refined sugar addiction. If you take refined sugar, immediately you feel good & motivated. As refined sugar brings dopamine in your brain. Now insulin takes the action to reduce the sugar in blood. The blood sugar goes down as well your motivation.

2. Addictions like smoking-alcohol-drugs all basically work by stimulating dopamine in the brain, but the dose that has worked at once may not work in the second time and will not work at all at the third time. There’s an addict require. More and more dosage of these drugs and it has a very critical Health outcome, which is negative.

3. Obsessive social media browsing. Social media brings new things now, almost in every second. We may develop social media browsing obsessively. We may not control ourselves. It becomes an addiction.

5. The same thing applies to an e-commerce website browsing seeing new products new offer the novelty brings dopamine, but these website creates Global level comparison and envy these increases more or hedonic adaptation when we have more hedonic adaptation we become unhappy at now. Now we are not happy with our present self. It leads to depression anxiety sleepless nights and obviously bad Health outcome.

5. Watching TV news channels for hours. If we watch TV and news channels for hours sitting in our sofa. It is unproductive for us news channels increases negative biases. Because they pick up the news which is exceptionally bad mostly from our world and showcase it through the day so generalized perception of the world if we completely believe the news channel that that is only happening in the world our perception about the world becomes negative.

Our brain by virtue of our evolution seeks the ways to increase the dopamine. In modern civilization it is easy to opt for the ways to get dopamine which are detrimental of our health. Be aware that you are seeking dopamine and search for the good ways of doing it like exercise, pursuing a hoby, learning new things, socialization, listening to comedy shows, reading story books etc.