Creativity & Innovation Is The New Economy

Information and knowledge are vital resources. The creative economy represents a noteworthy progress from the well-known idea of the knowledge economy. Whether most of us have acknowledged it or not, present economy is basically a creative economy. Creativity is the key driver, knowledge and data are tools of creativity. 

It’s enticing these days to take an extremely dreary perspective on humanity due to human-created environmental change, the danger of wars, the world’s overall insecurities, or the daily acts of political and economic injustice. But eventually, human creativity includes more great results than bad to the earth. Our ability for creativity is the thing that makes us special. 

Creativity must be perceived and cultivated in the place of work because it’s creative thinking that prompts problem solving and innovation in a range of areas. Creativity is turning into the most exceptionally valued resource in our economy. The creative individual is the new normal, the extraordinary rising class of our time.  

There is an increasing recognition across the world that creative opportunities can be found across a wide range of subjects. Furthermore, in a progressively competitive worldwide economy, innovation is appropriately viewed as a significant major source of competitive advantage for mature economies. With extensive automation replacing manufacturing, the big story disclosing is the rise of a creative class, sharing the space with the working class and the service sector. 

Creativity is set to control human progress in the 21st century.  As 21st century professionals, we presently have the additional obligation of staying present and constantly extending our aptitudes, independently of our age and where we live or work. We must know that ‘creativity’ is becoming the crucial resource and important tool to unraveling complex difficulties and to lead hierarchical change to overall business functions and industries.

The new land of creative prospect is the start of a new economic age and a very big economic move. The knowledge, the experience, and the data economies are offering path to the creative economy, and the rest of the 21st century becomes a climb to the peak of computerized development. You don’t need to be a founder, or even be part of new businesses to be part of the new normal. If you are part of the creative economy, whether you acknowledge or not, you are not just mainstream but also profoundly significant. Being on the cutting- edge means to be cool and very modern. And, to succeed in the 21st century and thrive economically, new businesses and organizations of all sizes must attract and keep creative talent.

The new economic reality implies that if you are a creative worker, whether in the arts, science, or business, then your ability makes you very popular and opens up the chance of impressive creative and commercial achievement. So, cherish it no matter what your age is. The innovative motivation is currently being released on a remarkable scale to the point where our economy is presently fueled by inventiveness, turning into the unequivocal source of competitive advantage.