Do Cigarette & Cannabis Improve Health?

Why do we seek cigarette & cannabis?
This is our way of seeking motivation. It releases dopamine in our brain. The same effect that once produced by two cigarettes a day, after a span of year or so the same feel good factor may require twenty cigarettes.

It promotes the ‘feel-good’ factor to people, especially those suffering from anxiety & or depression. ‘The feel-good’ factor is the initiation of the vicious circle of nicotine addiction. Lack of nicotine curtails the ‘feel-good’ factor that causes withdrawal syndromes such as irritability, anxiety, and craving. That consequently transforms into an addiction. 

Does smoking produce any benefits?
Smoking produces free radicals and produce inflammation in upper as well as lower respiratory tract. It destroys the tissues of our windpipes & lungs. Id this damage continues in gives rise to breathing problem like chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases – a disease that require inhaler medicines for life long.

The smoking also damages the blood vessels that promote atherosclerosis – a process by which fat gets collected in unusual places. It blocks he blood flows to vital organs and get give rise to vital organ damage i.e heart attack, brain stroke etc. It can give life threatening emergencies and life long dependencies on medicines.

Smoking also transiently increases blood glucose level. It brings more insulin into the action. Thus it promotes insulin resistance, cholesterol problem & diabetes.

Cannabis has all bad effects of cigarette smoking. In addition it damages brain permanently when used for long term.

Smoking of all types have been confirmed to cause different kinds of cancer, lung diseases, and respiratory diseases and increase the risk of acquiring multiple chronic illness disorders such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and hypertension.

Smoking has no proven health benefits