Our brain is a highly sophisticated prediction engine

Our brain is a prediction machine. Have you ever noticed that you always try to predict the future outcome of a person or an event in your mind? & then according to the prediction, you develop an emotional reaction too. 

Here the most important things are – what kind of algorithms you are running for predictions? and what is your database to predict such future? For example, if your predictions are based on simple correlational factors – like if you study in “X” school, you will become successful in life. Here you are not considering the probability & relativity of the world. We now know that there cannot be a thing in the universe which is absolute & will always occur with 100% probability. So, algorithms like this may not work in real life.  

Many a time our prediction uses database with in-sufficient sample size (statistically it should be at least 30 samples) & single factorial (the outcome is always multi factorial). For example, “my father & uncle did ‘X’ business but failed, in our family the business thing doesn’t fit “– so you believe you should not do the business in your lifetime. Now in this model of your prediction, whether you would fail in business in future, you have only two samples & one factor that is family or genetics. The sample size and the prediction model sometimes are felt sufficient & accurate due to the vivid past emotions attached with it. But the world does not work that way. Our world is relative, the proper models of predictions can be infinite but not absolute. 

From our stored data from past experiences & the embedded algorithms (thoughts & beliefs) that we use on daily basis the superficial layers of continuous thoughts, continuous emotional state, immediate thoughts upon a stimulus & immediate emotion upon a stimulus are generated. These determine how we interpret or respond to a given stimulus (situation/place/person/time/event etc). Our thoughts make up who we are & what we become. These immediate layers can produce any thoughts & emotions a lot in a continuous feedback loop manner with our sub-conscious on a daily basis. It projects our personality. These are the great assets we have & with training these can be successfully tamed to perform productive thoughts & emotions only. These thoughts & emotions can produce tremendous results for ourselves. As these are continuous & automatic – they can be recruited for productive works. Thus, upon a given stimulus the response & the action taken will almost always be productive sometimes in-spite of ourselves that serves us better.