Own the power of “IMPERMANENCE” & “TIME”

Everything that is around you including yourself will not be there for-ever. The toys that you own as a baby & as an adult (cars, cloths, house & so many other things) will become obsolete and vanish one day. You may think that this is a philosophy. No it is not. What can be more apparent & true than death itself? The ultimate outcome of life here lies in degeneration & death. 

Begin your day from the day you would have died. You are lying in a bed and people are talking about your contribution on earth as a father, as a friend, as a husband or as a professional or as an innovator.  In what way you want people to remember you? Own that way – the way of your life. Own that as your purpose of living a meaningful life. Own the power of death to pump the fuel of inspiration into your life.

Everything that we create is an earth to earth supply chain. Everything that we are on earth is again an earth to earth supply chain. In between we live, we own some of those items & we feel proud or deprived or sad or happy with those things. The supply chain happens outside in the world. The reactions happen inside our mind. Own the power of impermanence to know that these are a part of drama & when these dramas will end – nothing will remain. In that way these things will have less power on your mind. 

You may praise good things. But do not make them your “need” . Do not make those things your “life”. Experience things but do not own them as your “life”.

All we have is the “time” which we cannot buy. We can’t work in the past. We can’t work in the future. We can only work in the present. We can only live in the present. The “present” is all we have. The past experiences we have & the future goals also we can have. But neither we can live & work, neither in the past nor in the future. Savor every moment as it passes by. 

Death is inevitable – enjoy the togetherness, enjoy the conflicts, the ups & downs, the bad times & the good times. Be the non-judgmental awareness. 

Impermanence propels us in the direction of your passion & purpose. It provides us with the sense to take positive & productive actions in life. It inspires us to take the challenges of life & then take necessary actions. Then design a life to make those challenges useless.  

Only thing we have is the journey itself. Enjoy the journey. Be happy at now. Be the observer & perform your role in the drama as things happen. Lets yourself know when this drama will end nothing will remain except your deeds and the memories how you did those. Own this power of impermanence to sail through the ups & downs in life. As the people passes by – celebrate their memories, celebrate those moment you spend together, celebrate life at your best. The mourning is for you only, it does not involve those who has become already your past. The past has already happened & you can’t do anything about it.

Whenever things are felt to be gloomy – Do not mourn – bring the power of impermanence in your thoughts – take back the power of the situation over you. Draw inspiration from the impermanence, observe the situations as they are, do not judge. When the right time comes – jump ito the action. 

Own the power of impermanence to live life at its fullest. Live every moment with the joy of impermanence.