Relation Between IQ & Creativity

Intelligence is typically defined as “the ability to obtain and use knowledge.” In testing conditions, an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is measured by one’s capacity to use data gained effectively. Creativity is the ability to turn up with fresh ideas through a mental procedure of connecting existing ideas. The thoughts don’t need to be progressive (which is a typical confusion numerous individuals have about creative thinking), they simply must be new for the thinker.  

Intelligence surely has an influence in creative thinking, but not how you may anticipate. Your IQ is usually measured by an ability to construe information and give solutions, no matter the situation. IQ is very significant in mathematics and basic sciences because it shows your skill to memorize ideas and go over their outcomes on similar issues. If I tell you that two in addition to two equals four, you should have the option to cleverly presume that four in addition to four equivalents twice the first answer. This verity alone shows intelligence’s relation to creativity, one that is crucial for not only realizing creative thinking, but for improving it. 

Another significant part of intelligence is the capacity to filter solutions productively. In case you’re incredible at procuring information (through reading or watching YouTube videos) and you can put that information to use successfully, however come up short on the capacity to productively filter through solutions, you may think of viable thoughts, but it will take you a long time. As opposed to those with high intelligence levels who can filter through thoughts rapidly. 

There is a strong relation between IQ and creativity. Obviously – and this is the genuine kicker – intelligence possibly gets you so far when it comes to creativity. To be creative is to pull existing information into another circumstance and rapidly sort through expected results. Apparently existing information is something that anybody over a specific limit on the IQ scale can collect. 

Being able to come up with creative thoughts isn’t something you need an excessively high IQ to accomplish. Once you have an IQ level of knowledge gathering and using that is about average, you’re well headed to having the innovative capability of Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs.  

So intelligence matters, it exhibits your capacity to accumulate information and viably use it. Creativity is the ability to go further than the intelligence frame and capitalize on apparently random connections of ideas.

Sometimes, the more seriously you focus on something, the less likely you are to think about it creatively. In conclusion, expert creative individuals don’t need to be more intelligent than the average person. They just do three things more attentively than anyone else: they have more experiences, they think on their experiences more over and over again, and when they start pursuing potential outcomes to troubles or projects they plainly work more with the ideas they turn up with (while everyone else gives up after evaluating just one or two possible ideas, or by letting their inner critic stop them from exploring more).

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