heart attack cause of sourav ganguly

Sourav Ganguly heart attack cause

Sourav Ganguli, former cricketer and BCCI president, got heart attack on 3rd of January 2021. His age is only 48 years & he got a heart attack.

Why Sourav Ganguly got heart attack?

His heart arteries were blocked by atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is nothing but collection of fat inside heart arteries. As the size of the same gets bigger it starts blocking the blood flow to the muscle that it supplies blood to. The heart muscle does not get enough oxygen to survive and starts dying. This is known as heart attack.

As reported by “The Indian Express”.

His inferior wall of the heart – means the part of the heart that is mostly supplied by the right heart artery was involved. He had this heart attack while running on the treadmill that day morning.

What could be the reason behind this?

I thought I would like to spend some time on it doing some research by myself. He is an athlete. Of course, not doing exercise was nota problem. Here is there something else?

On research I found out two interviews of him. In these he talks about his favorite food items.

Interview 1

Interview 2

From both the interviews I found few of his favorite foods –

  1. Biriyani (548 calories),
  2. Samosa (262 calories),
  3. Jalebi and (150 calories) and
  4. Rasogolla (106 calories)
  1. Biriyani is full of saturated fat and cholesterol. Almost always taken with a side dish that will add up to another few hundreds of calories.

2. Samosa, a fried food with potato inside of it. No one can just take one. On top of that the Maida (refined atta) that covers it is unhealthy. After frying it is just empty calories. No essential nutrients whatsoever is attached with it. On top of that no one eats one Samosa – it is almost always taken at least two.

3. Jalebi – Again a fried Maida which is dipped into sugar syrup. Sugar syrup made by refined sugar. Refined sugar causes all sorts of issues related to cholesterol, diabetes & heart disease. Mostly people eat 2 to 5 in one go.

4. Rasogolla – Same as it is also dipped into refined sugar syrup. Here also 2 to 5 pieces are always a charm in one go.

**Saturated fat increases coronary artery disease and thus heart attack. Here is the scientific evidence

**The same is true for refined sugar. It also increases the heart attack risk. Here is the scientific evidence.

These may not be the only reasons our favorite Sourav Da got the heart attack. But at least there were culprits in his cheat meals and favorite dishes that has potential to do so. At least the scientific evidence is stating the same.


These are favorite dishes of many Indians too.

Be aware that it is not about calories. It is about the quality of food you take.

If you take empty calories in the form of refined sugar and saturated fat in any form, they are not just calories. They damage your body. Refined sugar causes inflammation inside our body and it does not come with any essential nutrients that our body really needs.

It does not matter if your total calories are under the daily limit that you calculate. It is always about the quality of your food. Your food can either build your body or damage it. Choose carefully, in what direction you want to go.