The Automatic Mind (subconscious mind)

Remember, that time when your house got renovated and furniture rearranged first – you unknowingly got yourself injured for first few times – then with repeated practice your subconscious acquire so much knowledge and experience about the environment that in a room packed with furniture with very less lighting you no more get yourself hurt. The effort no more requires your conscious effort too. 

By the same mechanism the singers sing a song repeatedly, the swimmers swim, the gymnast does the gymnastic and the list is endless. We cannot analyse things or activities consciously and perform a fluent & precise but highly specialised activity like these. Did you often notice you could not do things when you wanted to do it in spite of yourself? – We should move our subconscious first to move our conscious and skilled activity to happen smoothly and effortlessly. 

We 90% of our daily activity from sub-conscious level. Can you remember how many times you brushed your right-side teeth today or what are obstacles you avoided when you walked through your house today? The answer to such questions will be “NO” almost always if you are not doing any new activity consciously. At first when you start a new activity it requires the conscious effort to perform that activity. Then with repeated practice and feedback from experience that skill (thought or activity) becomes wired in your brain (new neural network is formed with new memory in the brain – under the guidance of the frontal lobe & with the help of our temporal lobe & hippocampus. The cerebellum acquires that memory to put those in our automatic mind – the sub-conscious one). Now once it is wired in our brain – it becomes automatic and whenever required our brain start using that information even without telling us. If we go on doing same thing again & again and living the same place throughout our life, we will require very less conscious effort (around 5%) to go through a normal day.

What about John (a character whom you never liked & vice-versa) ? John always behave rudely with you , never agree with you even when you know that there is nothing to disagree and never leave any opportunity to poke you to cause you some embarrassments. You repeatedly fire a particular memory “ a negative and unproductive memory about John”. You started thinking  consciously about why he is such a jerk around you? You do this few times a day for next 2 to 3 months. After a period of 3 to 6 months, this memory which is neither productive for you nor it has any effect on John – it gets hard wired into your brain. With slightest of stimulation of this memory – say a person who looks like John – you feel upset. Or say you are invited in a place and there is a possibility that John may also be there – you feel upset. A person who has is dressed like John & has few attitudes like him – your brain starts firing those hardwired neural network even without telling you . You can mount the same amount of stress unknowingly at any point of time throughout your life even without meeting John once again.



That’s  the power of our sub-conscious mind.

The Power Of Sub-conscious Mind