Your Food Can Rob Your Motivation

Now you can see the graph, in the x axis there are minutes written. So these are sixty minutes, hundred twenty, hundred eighty and two forty minutes that does mean in two hours what happens to your blood sugar level and to your motivation and in the y axis you can see the levels are determined by low, normal and then again a normal showing the normal range and then high.

What does it mean? 
So if you take food with high fiber carbohydrate, protein and with essential fatty acid, then you can clearly see that the fluctuation of blood sugar is very much less and the sugar level of blood is also persisting for more than 4 hours.   It delays our cravings for food and it creates a better motivated self.

If there is a sharp rise of blood sugar followed by insulin action and sharp fall of blood sugar which happens when you take refined sugar. Your dopamine in the brain & your motivation also go up and go down. These fluctuate very high. You feel foggy after an hour of taking refined sugar. It doesn’t happen if your food is having high fiber carbohydrate, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. 

Be aware what you eat for the sake of your motivation.