Twelve tips to overcome Depression

More than 120 million people in the world are suffering from depression. You should not feel alone if you are depressed. The troubles may seem to be too big but there is always a way out. Many who were once depressed are living their dreams now. So, it’s possible for you too. To help get back to your fits, this article was written for you. 

Tips on Overcoming Depression and Staying Motivation 

The following tips will help you get back to your feet:

1.       Easy Goals 

You can’t complete every task when you are down in thoughts. You no longer have the energy level you used to have before. Instead of exposing yourself to a more depressing scenario, set each goal and solve them one at a time. Go higher when you achieve the goal. 

2.       Use a Mantra

Get many sweet but short mantras around. Steer at them often. Those short but powerful statements can do magic. Mark Divine, a one-time Navy seal uses a mantra during difficult parts of a workout. 

3.       Exercise

There is a lower risk of becoming depressed when you carry out more than 30 minutes of exercise according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

4.       Dress and Act Happy

Buy and wear the best accessories and clothes. Visit the salon and have a mani-pedi. Go for a message and act big. It will boost your mood despite how ridiculous it might sound. 

5.       Don’t Feed The Beast

Avoid feeling bad as it will make the matter worst. Avoid any negative feelings like doubt, fear, self-pity, etc. You can’t erase these thoughts but you can reduce them by listening to motivational talks. One statement from motivational speakers can trigger you positively. 

6.       Create a Happy Routine

You may not need all the whole motivation as suggested by psychologist Michael Yapko to get over depression. He rather suggested having new skills or routines in his book “Breaking The Pattern Of Depression”. Create happy activities you can engage yourself with when depression sets in. 

7.       Stick To Your Schedule

Always go back to your routines when life hits you badly and stay motivated. Practicing this daily will take you back to normalcy.

8.       Talk to someone 

While it is important to talk to someone, know who you are talking to. Don’t talk to anyone that might have a hand in you becoming depressed. A psychologist or longtime friend can be one to confide in. 

9.       Capitalize On Small Wins

Success gives birth to success. However, you need to start somewhere. Commence with a small task and gradually push up. Positive emotions are also found in small wins. 

10.    Delegates duties

It’s difficult to complete any workload when you are depressed. Instead of having your works piled up which might cause you to think deeply of deadlines, delegate work to your family, friends, employees, and co-workers. 

11.    Create a mental barrier 

You don’t need your mind to be exposed to unproductive thoughts or sad videos or images. Getting exposed to them might make you dwell more in your depressed states. Remove every annoying email and social media notifications. 

12.    Don’t take hurtful words to heart 

You must learn how to trust your opinion and not giving ears to the hurtful words of people.

Conclusion –

Like every psychological state of mind these are temporary. Think of it is temporary of nature and surround yourself with positive things and positive people. Live a healthy life with proper food and exercise. Value yourself and move on.