Effects of exercise by Doctor Integralist

Why exercise is important to lead a healthy life, lose belly fat & prevent heart attack?

Why exercise is important to lead a healthy life, lose belly fat & prevent heart attack – a comprehensive discussion.

Belly fat is considered to be one of the most important factors for diabetes, cholesterol issues and heart diseases in the long run. It gets collected around our waist. It starts producing inflammation in the body and it prevents the insulin action too.

These belly fats are also the signs that fat is also getting collected inside our various body parts and arteries of our body. That can lead to heart attack and brain stroke in the long haul. Prevent the occurrence of belly fat is very important in the context of heath.

Effects of exercise by Doctor Integralist

Different studies have shown that combining healthy meals with regular exercise can go a long way to prevent diabetes, cholesterol related issues and heart disease. While practicing this can reverse many risk factors, it is of paramount importance to know it is not the only way to achieve this. 

Fat in the belly may be a sign that the fat is also collecting inside your heart arteries that can cause you heart attack and even death.

Nobody desires to have a heart attack. Despite the many desires, a heart attack has remained one of the major causes of death. Many people are concerned and worried about the causes of heart attacks apart from smoking. This is the reason why questions such as how to stop and reverse heart attack.

12 reasons why exercise is important?

belly fat causes diabetes & heart attack
  1. Exercise boosts metabolism and thus reduce body fat and storage of fat inside the heart arteries.
  2. Exercise increases parasympathetic tone – means it relaxes heart and blood vessels. So, there is lesser stress on heart.
  3. The blood vessels like arteries and veins will become more flexible with regular exercise. This creates normal blood pressure and a good flow of blood. 
  4. Long term exercise reduces heart rate. So, heart spends lesser energy and remain healthy for long haul.
  5. Regular exercise boosts the action of growth hormone and helps insulin to action more effectively. Thus, helps preventing diabetes.
  6. Exercise brings motivation and reduces anxiety and stress.
  7. Exercise can help you to stop smoking.
  8. Overall inflammation in the body is reduced with exercise.
  9. Exercise increases heart function and more effective blood circulation throughout our body.
  10. Exercise conditions good quality of sleep at night & good sleep is beneficial for heart health.
  11. Exercise reduces refined sugar craving and promotes healthy food intake.
  12. Exercise keeps the stress hormones low and immunity high.

The Danger of not exercising –

Every year in the United States, close to 250,000 deaths occur as recorded by the American Heart Association journal Circulation. This high rate of deaths is a result of inactivity.

When you fail to regularly exercise, you are at risk of having heart disease. Apart from exercising, you are also at risk of getting heart disease through smoking, high cholesterol, obesity, and high blood pressure. People who less physical fitness experience heart attack, death, and other cardiovascular events. 

Lose Body Fat percentage not body weight says doctor integralist

The Importance of Exercise –

Avoiding physical exercise increases the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases while regular exercise engagement reduces it.

There was a reduction in the death rate to 20-25% from the research carried out on heart attack patients who took part in a formal exercise session. There was a higher percentage of heart attack reduction from some studies. Many reviews from past research indicate that patients who took part in rehabilitation through exercise after having a heart attack are more likely to live long. 

A review of different research over the last ½-century shows that exercising lowers the risk of getting coronary artery disease. The people who exercised more had about a 50% disease rate reduction than those who didn’t participate. 

Also, a meta-analysis of various 52 physical activity training trials with above 5,000 people showed high cholesterol levels and triglyceride reduction. People who suffered from heart failure benefited from exercise. The pumping ability of their heart increases over time and their quality of life is enhanced too. 

Twelve tips to do exercise to lose belly fat and prevent heart disease –

  1. Engaging in exercise for 30 to 45 minutes every day or at least 5 days a week will have your heart health improved according to the American Heart Association, it will lower your chances of having a heart disease.
  2. Do aerobic exercise – that means do exercise when you can complete a sentence in one breath.

Know your intensity & heart rate during exercise –

exercise intensity

(220-age) = what ever number you get – is your maximum heart rate that is permissible foe your age.

Now 60-70% of that heart rate is your aerobic zone that you should aim for.

  • Consider both a mix of weight training and running. A duration of 10 to 15 minutes of cardio is enough for warming up the body.
  • Then a duration of 30 to 45 minutes of weight or strength training is enough to lose belly fat naturally and prevent heart disease.
  • Consider training all your joints and body muscles.
  • Do more repetitions for bigger muscles like muscles in the back and muscles in your thighs. Remember that’s why the sit ups and push ups are very important.
  • Strength training of your bigger muscles using dumbbell or barbell is very important.
  • Do relax in between the training period. Remember the total strength training duration of 30 to 45 minutes is including the relaxation period. In relaxation you lie down on the surface and breath deeply & slowly for a period of 2 to 3 min. Then again 3 minutes of exercise.
  • Never do extreme exercise of your belly muscles and biceps. Remember, they are smaller muscles. They require lesser repetitions and more recovery interval. If you are exercising daily consider giving them in alternate days – if you want good bi-ceps and belly muscles (six packs).
  • Do not worry of your six packs or bi-ceps are not visible. They are not visible because there is a layer of fat lying top of them. As the percentage of body fat will reduce, they will become visible.
  • Exercises that will burn out calories like walking, swimming, jogging, climbing stairs, biking are encouraged for the heart. 
  • An empty stomach exercise in the morning after having 500 ml of water – boosts growth hormone, reduce belly fat and prevent heart disease.
Biceps & Ab muscles NOT important for losing fat


Exercise is a way to prevent heart disease and you should never miss it as an art of your routine. Small life style changes can really prevent the diseases you will never like to have. Heart diseases are major cause of disability and productivity loss – make sure you make some effort to prevent the same. A good physical health is necessary for your career and your family life. The cost of disease is always ten times more than the cost of your healthy habits. Remember once you are a heart patient – you are always a heart patient. Once you are diabetic – you always are diabetic. Take care of your daily routine way before their probability arises.