12 Healthy Habits

12 Healthy Habits

You show already have basics knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle. The well-known steps towards this include reducing the intake of alcohol and sugar, eating more vegetables and superfoods. Other may include sleeping, exercising, and reducing stress levels. 

Practicing these keys to a healthy lifestyle can be challenging at times. However, it shouldn’t be. It is possible to start taking simple steps towards achieving a healthy lifestyle. 

Tips for Healthy Lifestyle 

The following are tips towards achieving a healthy lifestyle:

1.     Regular eating of Unprocessed Foods 

Unprocessed foods include fruits, vegetables, chicken, etc. You should eat more than 400g of vegetables and fruits daily.

2.       Walking 

As simple as it may sound, walking is one of the tips most people practice to live healthier. The good news is that walking is easy. Sometimes, avoid entering a cab and trek to your destination. 

3.     Reduce alcohol intake 

Just as earlier stated, alcohol consumption reduction is a must to keep and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Replace alcohol with non-alcoholic wine. This action is good for both your liver and money. 

4.     Run from Negative vibes 

Although you can’t see the mind, what you expose to it has a long way to affect your lifestyle. You are often what you think. Stay away from people who are always complaining, annoyed, and sad. You can buy motivational audios and books to help yourself. 

5.     Avoid junks and cafeteria

Try as much as possible to skip the café and eat the food you prepare at home. Buy a food flask and come to work with your salad etc. It is healthier and saves you money. 

6.     Exercise

Regular exercise reduces stress and gives your heart more energy to pump blood. Your need for exercise has to do with your age group. You need abour 150 minutes of exercise if you are between 18-64 years. Increasing it to about 300 minutes will add more health benefits.

7.     End Toxic Relationships

Reduce the time you spend with people that cause you pain. You don’t have to remain with them to prove you are a good friend or a faithful lover. 0ver 80% of people living healthy lifestyle avoids toxic relationships. Walking away may be all you need to turn your life around. 

8.     Read More Often

Choosing to read anything, might be all you need to for a healthier lifestyle. Reading improves brain function. As you read, you are exercising your brain. This will lead to mental decline at advanced age lowered. 

9.     Leave Technology for a while 

Almost everything we do now is with our smartphones, tablets, television, and computer. It may be difficult to take a break away from it but do it. It will help you to sleep better, increase your productivity, and connects with your loved ones. 

10.   Find a New Hobby

You will have a more fulfilled lifestyle when you have an interest outside what you do often. Volunteer, learn how to cook or take a sports course. 

11.   Don’t focus on what others Think

Focusing on people’s opinions about you won’t give you the healthy lifestyle you deserve. Be your best cheerleader, value yourself, and be happy. 

12.   Travel 

Take time off from work and go for a vacation. A joint study has been proven that you become healthier through travels. This is gotten from the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. Travelling to places and doing new things elevates mood, bring dopamine in our brain and motivates us. We become more focused.

How to form a healthy habit?

12 tips to your way to form healthy habits.

You are aware of your inability of having the right exercise you need to help yourself against a heart attack. The desire to do something is there but you are often demotivated.

Probably, you belong to the 80% of United States citizens who don’t get the good physical training they need. You are not in this alone. 

Let’s get down to the reasons why you should be active before anything else. For your heart to do its job, it needs regular exercise.

Lack of exercise in the United States has caused over 250,000 deaths every year. It is easier to predict your death using physical as a measurement. Another reason why you must start exercising is that you don’t die or have your heart older than you.

People who exercise regularly have less risk of a heart attack or stroke.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in short CDC, recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise daily. You can break the 30 minutes exercise into three 10 minutes workout. Up to 40% of heart attacks among Americans can be reduced if the exercise recommendation from the CDC is met.

Ready to give it a shot? Read on! 

Ways to stay motivated to healthy habit formation –

To motivate yourself to form healthy habits to prevent heart attack, you need to:

1.     Love it

You look forward to anything that you love. According to Toni Naramore, the AFMC’S Wellness Director, “Don’t expect to love the exercise; you fall in love with the results and the process. The results you attain are what motivates you.” You should go for the exercise you love. 

2.     Set specific goals

Avoid setting a big exercise goal. Simple, specific, and realistic goals are enough to help you form a healthy habit to exercise daily. Set new goals when you met the goals you set already. 

3.     Track your progress 

You can use a journal to track your progress. Also, use a cell phone app to track your calories. 

4.     Mix it up

Try different and new exercises. You will not be bored doing this. Different activities will push you to do more. 

5.     Go for activities that match your personality 

Join a sports team you love competition. Go for a dance, or walk if you are the social type. Try swimming if you love your private. 

6.     Get a partner 

Your habit of showing up for an exercise is higher when you have a training partner. 

7.     Share your goals 

Your friends and family can provide support and motivation to you when they are aware of your exercise goals. 

8.     Have plan B 

You can choose to trek rather than enter a cab if you fail to jog in the morning or when you have minor injuries. 

9.     Reward yourself 

When you meet your fitness goal, reward yourself, and set a new goal that will push more. 

Conclusion –

Healthy habits are easy hacks to live a life healthier that not only prevents diseases but also increases our productivity and creativity. The healthy habits let us thrive in this world than merely surviving.