You Become Your Food

“Let food be thy medicine & Medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates, 460 BC.

Our food is not something that we use to fill our stomachs. These are the supply system or ingredients that our body uses to regenerate our almost all body parts daily. The concept is that “we become our food” over a period of time. “

Our blood cells are completely regenerated every 120 days. Our skin and hair also changed completely in 40 to 70 days. Our bones and bone marrows also regenerate to completely newer ones over a period of 10 months. 

Our body and brain regenerate daily, especially when we sleep (“slow-wave sleep”), under our growth hormone’s guidance and using the food & nutrition components. The lack of essential nutrients reduces our body’s process of regeneration and healing. 

We should become aware whether we supply our body with proper nutrients; otherwise, our body’s hunger signal will always remain “ON” – thus, our desire to eat will remain there, we will eat more & more, and we will need APP & weighing machine to know how much food we should eat. Under this stress of continuous less supply of proper nutrients, our body will store more ( more belly fat – more intra-abdominal & visceral fat). These lead to obesity and it’s complications.

Following 5 things you should about food and nutrition that do for good regeneration of your body – 

  1. Your food should have essential amino acids.
  2. Your food should have essential fatty acids like omega 3.
  3. Your food should have high fibers.
  4. You should eat at least an hour before going to sleep.
  5. You should condition a great sleep.

If we fail to provide our body with proper food and nutrition and the scope to regenerate on daily basis, our body may break down slowly over the years. Then suddenly it is scattered down to pieces in the form of diseases and disabilities. Then if we survive we become diseased permanently. Remember, food & sleep is the scope of your body’s regeneration.

Food and Nutrition goals

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