Your Food Can Promote Addiction

Dopamine is an important chemical in our brain. It comes out as we feel motivated. It’s the chemical of motivation. There are ways to bring dopamine into our brain. There are good ways, which has a good health outcome and is sustainable. But there are bad ways also. Which are not good for our health neither our physical nor our mental health. 

If you take refined sugar, immediately you feel good & motivated. As refined sugar brings dopamine in your brain. Now insulin takes the action to reduce the sugar in blood. The blood sugar goes down as well your motivation.

Two addictions like smoking & alcohol which are highly prevalent today in our society, basically work by stimulating dopamine in the brain. But the dose that has worked at once will not work in the second time and will not work at all at the third time. There’s an addiction cycle. More usage of these drugs has a very negative health outcome.

So it is obvious that if we take more and more refined sugar we rob our dopamine. We feel foggy. 

Now to increase the dopamine and to bring the motivation we take the help of smoking or alcohol. And these addictions are not helpful in long term.

Healthy ways to increase dopamine in brain-

  1. Exercise has many ways of benefits do exercise at least once a day in the morning. And you can use exercise in the afternoon also to motivate your second half of the day.
  2. Socializing with the loved ones also brings dopamine.
  3. Chasing a small hobby or a passion also brings dopamine into your life. 
  4. If you don’t have anything to do just close your eyes be relaxed. And visualize and old beautiful memory. The dopamine will come to you.
  5. Listening to the music or comedy shows are easier than ever. Listen to these programs to bring dopamine into your brain.
  6. Read stories or you can also start learning new things that brings dopamine into your life.
  7. The last but the most important way of bringing dopamine is sense of novelty. Be a student for Lifelong. What you are seeing today or you are going to see tomorrow or next year is going to be the new thing. Experience life Moment by moment. The sense of newness will bring dopamine into your life. 
  8. You can also try traveling to new paths or to new places that bring dopamine into your brain. 

Remember to bring good ways of dopamine which has good health outcome for yourself.

Remember to eat high fiber carbohydrates to maintain a steady state of dopamine in your brain.